Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Man Found on Road: Ned!

...so, perhaps I should add some detail to my last two posts (1, 2)...
Well, if you read the one and watched/listened to the other you are probably getting some idea of some of my ideals. I'm ecologically minded (can't say 'ecologist' since I don't have the appropriate studies under my belt and 'environmentalist' is to sterile). I'm also a supporter of the opensource/free culture movement (which you would have gathered if you had checked out "Free Mickey"). Add these to other elements of my polity and you quickly realize I'm somewhat of a "gen-x hippie" (though, that may be a redundant title).

I wont bother to get into free culture movement (seriously, Free Mickey should be enough to inform and convince you). And as far as Christian ecology goes Scripture and the ramifications of this guy, this guy, and this guy should be enough.
So, perhaps I haven't added all that much detail to my previous 2 posts (other than more hyperlinks... surprise).

Oh well. My point was more of simple clarification. As is common with me, however, clarification is rarely simple and never clear. How about this: I promise to blog about neo-platonic dichotomism and its affect on the culturally disenfranchised west sometime within the next two weeks (or whatever).

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