Thursday, April 27, 2006


It is finished! At least, most likely. Today I wrote the last exam of my undergraduate career, I hope. They'll let me know before I walk across the stage at graduation.
It felt good to be done. Why the past tense? Well, when I finished my exam (which was in Greek exegesis in case you didn't catch the title) I suddenly realized there was no more school to worry about. It wasn't like I had just finished major project and had a week or two till the next one. Rather, I don't do schoolwork anymore! Well, at least not until I get nostalgic and go for my masters.
But why the past tense? Well, the elation lasted till I went for lunch when I realized that now it is on to finding a job and taking care of my home. Speaking of which...
We are out of the red zone now (3 months) and I heard the heartbeat today so I feel free to broadcast this information: Fran is pregnant! We are due Canadian Thanksgiving. So, yeah, life picks up again after an exam rather quickly and reminds me it has barley begun.
I don't really have anything significant to say tonight (well, I probably do but I don't feel like it), so I'll just leave this post with a sigh of relief and expectation. *sigh*


Kristine said...

How do you think you did on Greek? Was it as crazy as everyone was dreading? By the way, when HAS the barley begun? I love barley season!

Trevor said...

Hey Jon. Great to hear about you and your wife's great blessing to arrive!! Canadian Thanksgiving heh? You had better get air conditioning wherever you move for your soon to be hot flashing wife!!! Parenthood is a weird, enjoyable, scary and trippy deal...and I'm only 3 weeks in!! Congrats.