Friday, October 20, 2006

More photos

Click on the picture to see our web album to date:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the slide show. I love the plecenta photo! we have decided that Finn looks like your dad Fran!~Joe

Anonymous said...

WoW those are amazing pictures! Im so happy that you are home and everyone is healthy! he is SOOOO cute...cuter than a button ;) hee hee I love the little outfits!! Finn looks alot like uncle Rene ( I agree with Joe!!) anyhow take care and I will call to see how you are tomorrow
TONS of love for all three of you :) :)
Love, Case

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon and Fran,

Love, the photos. Finn is absolutely adorable! So great to share in the little ones first few days....the pics. are just super.

Lots of love to all three of you!

Love Dagmar

Anonymous said...

Hallo allemaal, hier een groet aan jullie allen en voor Finnan uit Nederland. Boy my Canadian family is getting bigger every year. I can't keep up with all the names and birthdays. Welcome Finnan in the Kooistra Family. This X-mas will be your first and one out of many to come. Enjoy life the same way I do, than it is worth living! Love you all and talk to you by phone on x-mas or boxing day.

Gerrit Jan Kooistra