Sunday, April 22, 2007

Remember Sammy Jankis...

For your enjoyment:

I know this has been out for awhile but I've been busy relaunching the youth group website (which you can check out at among the various other things I've had to get done. Really, the fact that I'm blogging simply represents the eye of the storm--the calm between chaos. At least I'm drifting in the waters of useful busyness lately.

I'm afraid we're at an impasse. You see, our bible study buddies seem to be convinced (or at least hopeful) that we will abandon our calling, turn our backs on the church local and at large, give in to "plain reasoning" and tear down the "tyranny" of systematic theology and experiential faith*.

Frankly, I have similar hopes for them, but I don't follow them through town to that end. I mean, we sit there and listen to their little handbook, play a little "repeat after me" in answer to the question "what did that paragraph just say?", and really ponder hard if we can afford ten easy payments... I mean, yeah.

Then, as gently as I can, I pull the discussion into textual criticism and theological bias in translation and they either try to answer, hand me some material that offers a decent 'pat' answer, or write it down to get back to me. But, you know what, their super-slick sales spiel isn't accomplishing anything, and neither is my Koine-laden academic bludgeoning. We are simply at an impasse.

But, you know what, when we collectively decide that all that is done for the day, we have a good time talking about normal stuff. Stupid "cloister" mentality! Hmm... I wonder what they'll say when we tell them about Finn's dedication.

~If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read Fran's blog.

If you've got time, check this out.

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Stafford said...

Took me a while to remeber Sammy Jankis. I had to rack my brain for a good ten minutes. Kudos for that quote.