Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"I'm hungry. I haven't eaten since later this afternoon."

Name the movie (without cheating) and you get 50 bonus style points.

Man... I just want to talk about the movie I just watched but then you'll know the answer! Oh well... when you figure it out, rent it!

Speaking of movies/films (sometimes I'm a stickler for saying "film" and sometimes it really is a "movie"... all in all, they're just "videos" though) we recently joined Basically, it's a Canadian NetFlix (if you don't know what that is, Google it). Anyway, they have a library of 72,000+ movies (including TV shows) and so all the ones I can never find at Blockbuster are all queued up and ready to go. It's sweet. Though, I added a whole lot more to our list than Fran did so to be fair I had to put a hold on a few titles (127, actually). Anyway, I'm loving it and we're still in the first two-weeks free-promotion. BTW, if you decide to try it out, I think you can enter my email as a referral and I get some points or something. But, you know, whatever.

So what would you do if you suddenly had $1200 extra? Yeah, me too. But after that... well, a bit after... Ok, fine: there's a bass guitar I really like that costs about $1200, but I'm probably not getting it anytime soon (and it would be bass#2, not a replacement). Anyway, here's the bassist from Cirque Du Soleil playing one (unplugged, I might add) that Godin just gave to him:

That's right: Fretless, Semi-Acoustic, 5-string glory! If Tom, Russ, Ben, or Brad is reading this, I finally found the bass I dreamed of so many moons ago. Still, it will be many moons before I have the spare cash for a spare bass and it will be many more moons before I can play like that guy... actually, that'll probably just never happen. Oh well.

Speaking of extremely talented musicians:

This begs a question... who do you think is a better drummer: Neal Peart or Carter Beauford? I already know the correct answer is Beauford, I just want to know what you think. As far as bassists... well, I'm failing to think of anyone who could compare to Victor Wooten. Les Claypool from Primus is pretty amazing, but still I say Victor. BTW, "Flea" is not an acceptable answer. Yes, he's good, but he's a junior mint compared to these guys.

Keep your eye out this week as I have every intention of updating First To The Pews within the next 7 days. Hold me to it, folks.



Stafford said...

Y'know, I've been wanting to start playing bass, too. It's arguable, that good bass players are harder to find than good drummers are - especially for church worship teams. But, alas, I probably will not own my own bass for quite a while, and should probably concentrate on improving my guitar skills first. Anywho, off to an exam.

Troy said...

I played bass once, then I woke up.

Stafford said...

I cheated and looked it up on Google, but I have never seen that movie or even heard of it.

Stafford said...

Hey, how's the thing going? It looks interesting... I may have to try it out sometime.

One more thing, it has now been one week since your post saying that within a week, you will post on your First to the Pews. Just thought I'd hold you to it.

Ubuntu comes out tomorrow!!! (I don't know what it is... even after going to the website).

Jon said...

Zip's working pretty well. We've already gotten/gone-through 6 DVDs and we're still in the free-trial grace period.

If all goes well this afternoon, I should be posting on FTTP this evening. I've got lots I want to post about but I find that, unless I have plenty of time and ambition, I typically over-think what I'm saying and, therefore, turn ideas posting into a school paper without a deadline.

Ubuntu is an operating system (like XP, Vista, OS 10.4 Leopard, etc.). It's Linux (Debian-based) and it's basically the forerunner as far as open source competition with commercial OSes. I've been running it exclusively at home for about 8 months and the newest version is coming out. Actually, the newest version has a tool called Wubi that apparently lets you install Ubuntu on a Windows system without having to repartition your harddrive(s) and using Windows Installer (you know, Add/Remove Programs, etc.). They are steadily becoming more and more friendly to the average user. If you download the CD/DVD image (ISO) you can boot from it and try it out that way without installing anything (just reboot your computer and you're back in Windows).

Anyway, enough about the gospel according to Linux.

Stafford said...

Hey I just singed up for, but there was no referral thingie to check off... sorry. They just emailed me saying they just shipped my movies. Kinda seems like a cheap trial period - only two weeks and the movies take a week to get here (eta May 6th). We'll see how it goes. netflix seems to do really well for themselves, hopefully this'll be the same.

Hayden said...

I know this is extremely old (wow over a year), but I just watched Primer (possibly what got you onto the subject of bass [Primus])and searched Google for the quote and this was the first result. I got interested and read down the page. Also I have been playing bass for about 4 years (started when I was 12ish) so this really applied to me.
Anyways, on the subject of bass players, I would say Wooten is the best, by far, but I also love Geddy Lee, and Claypool. However, because I mainly listen to metal, my favorite player is probably Dan Briggs from Between the Buried and Me. If you haven't heard of him or the band, check out the song 'Viridian' off the album 'Colors'. You should also really listen to some of their more 'normal' (i.e. heavier) songs while you're at it and keep an ear out for his lines. It's pretty amazing how he can so solidly fit these technical riffs in such a harmonizing way.
Briggs also majored in jazz while he was in college, and his biggest influence is Wooten.


Alex said...

It's Primer and its a really complex and awesome movie about time travel. Way more realistic than B.T.T.F.