Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holy Shoot!!!

Ah, I don't know if you all get the breadth of this problem, but wow... I'm usually pretty confident in Internet security, but this flaw was so low level that security became a moot point. Let's hope they fix this permanently.

You can read the article on Wired.com here:http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/16-12/ff_kaminsky

Again, Holy Shoot!!!


Stafford said...

I didn't find it as riveting as you did. Maybe once my email get hacked and ebay account compromised I might watch the whole thing with a bit more attention.

Jon said...

I read the article first so when I watched the video it was just audio-visual confirmation of the fantastic problem. You're right, though, the video doesn't communicate the full scope of the problem. Basically, he found a 25 year old built in flaw in the foundation of the Internet (what the series of tubes is supported by ;). What the video talks about is that the vulnerability is far more threatening than anyone had previously thought.
The Kaminsky method, as it was dubbed, had the potential to compromise ANYTHING on the Internet and be potentially untraceable, not to mention simple to execute. Kryptonite mass-produced, if you will.