Monday, March 02, 2009

Something to think about...

Hey all,

It's midday and the lil'uns are napping. Opa L is here and we're enjoying the delightful weather (remember the Montreal icestorm back in the 90s?).

A while back I heard about a small-time independant documentary called "Prince of Peace, God of War." John Campea (of the Movie Blog) made it in response to his own questions of the divided opinions of pacifism and justified war within Christian circles. I ordered the DVD.

As with all documentaries, it's made with a bias (pacifism, in this case), but that isn't a bad thing. Sometimes the bias could be right. Sometimes the bias can challenge the audience to look into the facts. Regardless, I found it to be an interesting flick and a good discussion starter.

Here's the good news about that: Campea has decided to make his movie freely available online. So, if you're interested in watching it you can do so for free and at your leisure here (you can read his synopsis, or just scroll down to the download links).

Whether or not you watch it, feel free to post some opinion in the comments about whether you think Christians should be pacifists, soldiers, whatever. I'll not tip my hand and reveal my own opinion quite yet ;)

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