Friday, January 20, 2006 begins

I am a perfectionist. I like things just so. My first blog weblog entry sets the tone for the rest of my writing. I need to be both pithy and witty, preferably at the same time.
You see (or perhaps you don't), introductions were never my strong suit (or casual wear). So, instead of endlessly procrastinating for a time I have begun my entries talking about how it can be difficult to start things (especially if they must be just so).
Sure... I'm taking a risk as to where this entry will direct the rest and I know as soon as I press "post" I'll be unhappy with it. But, in this case, perseverance and sarcasm have defeated perfectionism and self-consciousness (though ironically this is an experiment in my consciousness of self). Besides, this is a blog! Have you (meaning me--now I'm on to self-talk) seen what some (most) people post out there?! I mean, c'mon! Why not add my voice to the digital din of chaotic musings and reflections.
Ah, now there is something: reflection. I don't care what CNN says about weblogging (they're just jealous of the responsible reporting going on), It has provided a venue for reflection. True, it is up to you (still meaning me) how deep or relative you are, but in this mass-sieve-media-saturated-techno-dominated culture of ours, it is curious to see such an ancient necessity--personal reflection--in the midst of the Internet of all places!
Well, there you go. Just when I thought I had nothing to say but the nothing I had to say, I end up reflecting on reflection. I'll try this again later...

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