Saturday, January 21, 2006

Worth Watching

There are three pieces of media that I have enjoyed and glistened in tonight. I highly recommend anyone check them out.

The first was a music video by Sigur Ros: Glósóli
It is a very beautiful and artistic video (as theirs always are) but I won't spoil it by breaking it down and filleting its message (it may not even have one). I just liked it a lot and what it made let me think muse.

The second was a movie we rented: Millions
It is a British film that tells a story about two brothers who find a bag full of cash and how that all plays out. Part of the premise is that "E-Day" is coming (the day when all British Pounds are converted to Euros and old paper money becomes useless--the movie was made before Britain backed out of that plan) and the brothers have very little time with which to use the money. Anyway, I will not give away any more. Just go get it. I know it is classed as a "Family" title and, therefore, assumed to be childish but it really is a beautiful film and well worth it (more child-like than childish anyway).

Finally, another music video. Johnny Cash: Hurt
A very interesting video that is actually a Nine Inch Nails cover. The line "and you could have it all, my empire of dirt" with images of golden records and icons of fame in disarray caused me to think. I might just buy this album.
"Everyone I know goes away in the end" --The Man in Black/NIN

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complexity said...


You managed to get through your introduction and now the fun can begin! I'm glad to see you have the linking part well figured out - both videos are well worth watching and I'll keep Millions in mind for my next trip to the movie place.

I grew up with my parents listening to Johnny Cash and he has a lot of qualities I admire and a sensibility about life that extended his influence well beyond being a popular musician - he seemed to just get better as he aged.

He would be a good person to dig into in the context of our course discussions.

Perfectionism is over-rated and I'm glad to see that it hasn't paralyzed your contributions.