Thursday, March 02, 2006

3pm thoughts

No particular point to this post. Just doing my civic duty of taking a mental 'dump' on the side of the information superhighway. Actually, this is one of the few ways for the ideas spewing forth in my head to escape today (and yesterday). I think I have laryngitis. However, it has been both a frustrating and refreshing experience to not be able to speak. Kind of like a 'listening bootcamp.'

Anyway, check out this article and let me know what you think. Not just about the 'mark-O-the-beast' stuff but about the increasing publicity of our lives through the privitization of technology.

Also, in keeping with the theme of some of the movies I watched last week, check out this guy:
Springheel Jack
Name: Springheel Jack. Status: Legend.
I think I might try writing a screenplay based on this guy (though I've never tried such before) especially since there is very little beyond 'penny dreadfuls' that have been about him. (the guy in the picture that fell over looks kind of like Leo).


Anonymous said...

You are a very creative blog spotter... I am surprised at the lack of comments from your readers. So I thought that I'd comment something to let you know that therer are people out there who read your :dumping" and enjoy them tons and tons.

Your brin functions in an amusingway - your wife must be entertained by you all the time. You have a t of thoughts on a lot of issues that I think would bring new ligt to things if only more people would listen.

Be encouraged - I think you're great!!


Jon said...

Thanks, Honey.

Jon said...

Check him out here.