Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blogging in a Suit

Well, sort of. I ditched the jacket and tie a while ago thanks to the warm sunny weather. But it's fun to wear a suit sometimes. I preached my second sermon in Homiletics class today (hence the attire).

And wearing a suit got me to thinking... most 'movies' out there assume their audiences are idiots (well, I don't know if I thought this because I was wearing a suit or not).
Take Dante's Peak. As this person so humorously points out, Dante's Peak assumes we are all complete morons. The worst of this (IMO) is the 'boat scene.' You see, our heroes are trying to escape the volcano by crossing a lake in a metal boat. Upon observation that all the fish are dead (but intact) and smoking holes are forming in the bottom of the boat, Brosnan's character points out that "Volcanic activity has turned the lake to acid. " Ok, fine. We know what the acid is doing, now move along. Nope... Hamilton's seemingly useless character remarks in startled epiphany, "ACID EATS METAL!!!" Oh, really??? I didn't make that connection(!)

But seriously, suits are cool! I mean, I don't have a gun or a fedora right now, but I can pretend.
Anyway, another reason you should go see V for "Vendetta" is because it doesn't treat you like an idiot. There are plenty of allusions and hints that most will miss, but they don't hold your hand and clue you in. That's up to you.

BTW, I finally received my first copy of Relevant Magazine (as well as my Alberta Resource Check--good trade: $400 to put towards paying for health care or donate to the crumbling schools or roadways).


Jon said...

Well, what movie should be playing this Saturday afternoon other than Dante's Peak? Oh, circumstance is funny! I watched a bit just to catch some of the stupidity... and brilliance (y'know, acid eats metal, eh?).
However, the movie had one redeeming factor: a Wilhelm Scream! Right when the head scientist falls into the rapids I heard it... oh joy!!! It made it all worth while for me. If you have no idea what I am talking about, listen to this.

Captain D said...

I think anyone who wears a fedora is cool no matter how stupid they seem. Ever since I saw Indiana Jones sport one I've wanted one to take with me into the jungles of South America. Maybe one day...