Sunday, September 30, 2007

Needa... new DNS!!!

Hello. Welcome to this once thriving blogspace of old. I have been wanting to write something here for the past few months, and yet, nothing... It comes down to two things.

The first is that I have been unbelievably, irrevocably, painstakingly, mind-numbingly, (and several more potent yet ambiguous adjectives) busy. Summer is supposed to have room to relax, right? Apparently not. Between directing one part of camp and aiding in the rest while running things back here in town and planning for fall... it's been nuts!

The second: technical difficulty et al. If it hasn't been due to computer/internet failure, it has been the fact that my domain name server (or, DNS) has been having technical issues for the past few months. Even now, you are probably only reading this if you went to my .blogspot address, not I even tried to switch to another service but my DNS is so messed up right now that they can't even release the simple information I need to fix the problem. Very annoying. If you are looking for web service, you will have a hard time finding it at

And even now I'm still busy (such that I need to end this post and get moving) and still held back with all kinds of technical crap! Sheesh! Anyway, I intend to relaunch my site (with reliable servers, as soon as I can get them) and blog based on my usual commitment (ie: at least once per month).

Given all the problems I've had, you'd think it was time to switch to facebook ;)

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Bethany<> said...

I saw a guy with a "got cutco?" shirt today.