Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Found it!

Ok, for those of you who missed the clip of Stephen Colbert interviewing Philip Zimbardo, I found it again. Make sure to watch it before Viacom orders Videosift to "cease & desist" too.

Worse comes to worse, go google colbert, lucifer effect, sunday school.


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Beth<> said...

I've read the entire Bible. This story about Satan being God's favourite angel, and having a grudge against Adam is not in there. I know its a commonly known story, but its not scripturally accurate. The closest thing I know of talks about the morning/evening star falling, but that is void of all these other details. So, this Lucifer Effect guy needs to check his sources. Also the logic in his argumentation is fatally flawed.

But Colbert nailed him on it.

Stafford said...

And thats why Colbert slammed him hard. Maybe Zimbardo should attend Colbert's Sunday School class...

Jon said...

The thing is, Zimbardo has a lot of significant stuff to say about the nature of evil and human psychology based on his "Prison" experiment and other research, but he is very overreaching in his grasp of theology. Your right, Sis, there is next to no scholarly basis for the Lucifer fable, but Dr. Z doesn't even get the fable right.

Frankly, I'm curious as to what he thinks "Lucifer" has to do with the results of his experiment. Seems to me like they made quite topic shift in the interview. Then again, there is the whole "it's the title of the book" thing. Maybe it's non sequitur like "Sex in the Snow."

Gregg said...

I bet some witty editor thought that would be a good title, and then the dude had to come up with some good reason for it. Well, when two monkeys make a mess of things, it's usually alot of crap! LOL, I just made that up, I think that's brilliant... alot of crap... gosh I'm funny :-)