Tuesday, February 12, 2008

*UPDATED* It's over

Well, I've made it through the ski rally. Now I just need to get back to normalcy.

The video below was on the Colbert Report last night. It is pure genius. I had heard about the "Lucifer Effect" on CBC radio before. The best, though, is watching Colbert slowly shift from his tongue-in-cheek shtick to theologically rocking this guy. Just goes to show that even though you're very smart doesn't mean you automatically know everything about everything.

The gold, though, is Stephen's closing statement. Enjoy.


"I teach Sunday School..."

*UPDATE: Well, they took down that interview from YouTube. I'll see if I can't find it again. In the mean time, enjoy this Hinterland Who's Who instead.


Gregg said...

I love it. I've watched it twice already. It's brilliant.

Beth<> said...

It seriously took me until the alcohol spider to figure out it wasn't a for reals Hinterland who's who. But you always teased me for being gullible anyway.

I wonder what would happen if you did give a spider LSD.

Jon said...

The bit about the THC spider watching the caffeine spider from his hammock didn't tip you off sooner?

Stafford said...

What?!?! The ganster spider isn't real?????