Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ode to the Modern Prometheus

That's right folks. I finally read the great Romantic novel of Frankenstein and I definately recommend it. Apparantly I really like 19th Century Gothic fiction. Anyway...

Well, this isn't really an ode to poor Victor or his creature--more a venue to announce that we have arrived (8 days ago) in the Blueberry Capital of Canada. It is here that I will endeavour to be a youth pastor.

Oxford is an interesting little town. Actually, it is quite busy for only being 1300 people (and pretty much being a one-industry town: Oxford Frozen Foods). But we feel right at home here. Friendliness is a key maritime trait. That and the accent (which is definately stronger here than in Halifax/Dartmouth).

So, again I have little to say. But don't worry, I've been filling my WIDOLIF and sketching ideas for short and long fiction (with such influences as those I have been reading). And with that, I'm off...

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